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Inspired by her own private archive of textiles and ledgers, Kate Teyssier’s furnishing fabrics reflect her experienced understanding of design and colour, and celebrate the unique character of her collection. Based in her Essex design studio Kate works closely with family run heritage printing and weaving mills, developing techniques to produce her individual textiles.

After studying historical handwoven textiles and working 10 years in the interior decorating industry, Kate returned to the heritage sector as archivist for a national textile museum, allowing her to further explore her passion for the subject before creating her own fabric range.  

She has lectured on textiles for institutions such as the V&A and the School of Textiles and consulted for heritage establishments, including  English Heritage, National Trust and the V&A. Kate’s area of interest is in the production of textiles within London and Essex from 1790 to 1825 and a special interest in the history of the development of velvet.

Using her own archive of several thousand textiles, ledgers, documents, paper designs and books, Kate has created a beautiful and unique range of textiles to suit any elegant interior.

Years collecting
Items in Kates Collection

Kate’s passion for collecting textiles started at an early age having established her textile collection by the age of thirteen. Raised in a highly creative household, her desire to acquire was encouraged and her artistic talent greatly nurtured.  Kate’s archive has grown around her interest in both modern and historical design and includes pieces such as early 6th century Coptic textiles, 17th century handwoven silk velvets, 18th century Spitalfields silks, 19th century printed textile ledgers, 1930s printed cottons and early handblocked wallpaper samples. A small collection of dress includes an 1840s silk skirt and jacket, a Norman Hartnell silk coat and an accessories collection which includes 17th century Venetian lace, 19th century embroidered samplers, Georgian beaded purses, Tudor dress pins.

Kate explains, ‘everything I’ve collected has either inspired or intrigued me - due to its shape, colour, texture or pattern. I am a great believer in handling textiles to really understand their individual nature and often sit with piles of fabrics around me to see if I can hear which one shouts the loudest, or which one needs attention the most. I see them as part of my family’.

Design is Kate’s key driver within her creativity - in understanding how pattern works and how to interpret this into Teyssier's fabrics. Using her archive as inspiration Kate has worked with highly skilled mills to reproduce the feel of these traditional techniques, using contemporary methods.

“Some fabrics are so good, they transcend taste, fashion and trend; this is one of them. Every colourway is great”
Benji Lewis, Interior Designer
and Founder of Zoom That Room

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