The Japanese have a practice called shinrin yoku - tree or forest bathing where humans and nature connect. A growing body of research shows that spending time around trees has a wide variety of health benefits, including lowering stress and improving cognition.

Trees are essential for rebalancing our planet. They not only provide food and shelter but also absorb and filter pollutants, reduce soil erosion and flooding. One acre of mature trees can absorb the equivalent Co2 as driving 26,000 miles in a petrol car.

Thankfully wood is renewable resource but we have to do our part to take care of nature, so that nature can continue to take care of us.

As part of Teyssier’s environmental pledge we’ve already planted over 150 native trees in the UK by hand and support the work of The Woodland Trust but this year, as part of National Tree Week we are taking one step further and committing to planting one tree for every order we deliver, and not only that, we will dedicate each tree planted by you by sending you an E-certificate dedicated to either your business or a name of your choice.

One Tree Panted - Teyssier Business Partner

Teyssier has partnered with One Tree Planted who are a not-for-profit environmental charity that is working hard on a mission for global reforestation, planting trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

There’s no easy solution to climate change but reforestation is one of the best methods to restore lands and environments that have been damaged. If you’d like to find out more about our journey do come and say hi on Instagram.

With blessings,

Kate Teyssier