Our Range:

We work with family-run, artisanal printing and weaving mills across England and Europe.

We maintain a preference for natural textiles such as linen, cotton and wool within our fabric range.

Our printed fabrics are currently digitally printed as this process offers less impact on the environment than screen printing, allowing for smaller print runs and flexibility, and requires over 50% less water and ink than screen printing per printed metre. We use water-based pigment inks which also provide good light fastness.

Wherever possible we use recycled packaging and our orders are wrapped in recycled brown paper and recycled plastic tubing.

At Teyssier we regularly review our environmental impact and recognise that although we are not there yet, we are continually striving to improve.

Fabric: Firenze woven in colourway Giulia

Our Suppliers:

We visit and work closely with all our suppliers, producing with family-run mills to build stronger, creative relationships. Kate spent several years experimenting and developing with different mills, searching for exactly the right partnerships. Designs such as Hawkeswood and Alhambra required talented and skilled producers and when creating Kid Mohair, Kate pushed for the most luxurious custom-dyed velvet and eventually found the perfect match with a family-run mill in Italy.

When selecting a new supplier, we always seek compatible or increased environmental standards and we have a policy of continued improvement.